9 Best fishing kayak under 500 Dollars (2022)

These days, fishing kayaks are loaded with sounds and bells. Unfortunately, most of these kayaks with features can be pretty costly and create barriers to entry for many new kayak anglers. However, fishing kayaks don’t require to be expensive. If you’ve got a solid platform from which to fish, it will be possible to get to places that aren’t possible to access by boat or land.

Even the cheapest fishing kayaks are equipped with the basics you need to succeed in the water. There’s no way you’re buying a boat that was designed to serve a different purpose than fishing with a kayak. The most important thing to remember is that you do not need to pick a fishing kayak that will enormously impact the bottom line. There are plenty of choices for cheap fishing kayaks that’ll remain in excellent condition and will serve you well.

This article will look at the top 9 fishing kayaks for less than $500 and provide the essential information on each. We’ll also explain some of the popular terms used in the fishing kayak industry and offer helpful advice to select a kayak for fishing that is suitable for your needs.

List of 9 Best fishing kayak under 500 Dollars in 2022

1.Pelican Maxim 100X Sit-In Kayak

Best fishing kayak under $500

Pelican is a reputable name in water sports for recreational use. The 10-foot sit-in kayak offers an excellent bargain. In addition, this model Maxim 100x is light, with just 39 pounds.
It’s comfy, with a cushioned seat and a padded backrest that can be adjusted to fit the cushion and an armchair table with a cup holder.

Thanks to the Shallow V Chine hull design, the kayak is also perfect for manoeuvring, which lets you stably manoeuvre through the water.It is equipped with a hatch for storage, the bungee cord, and a storage platform and mesh cover to keep all your equipment for a whole day in the water. Maxim 100x Maxim 100x is an excellent choice, to begin with for those who are new to fishing in the kayak.

Consider the Pelican Maxim ago if you’re searching for the top fishing kayak available for your money.

2.Perception Flash 9.5 Sit Inside Fishing Kayak

Best fishing kayak under $500

Perception is renowned for its assortment of low-cost recreational and fishing kayaks among all the Kayak brands that we’ve reviewed, and they’re among the top.

The Flash is a small recreational kayak that measures 9.5 feet long, with a sit-inside design with adjustable foot braces that can accommodate the needs of paddlers of every size.

Like many kayaks this long, the Flash is highly manoeuvrable and suitable for rougher water. But, it has two channels for tracking to aid in keeping the boat in a straight line even in calmer waters.

Two-rod holders flush mounted built in to help that you are organized. Also, there’s an area for paddles close at your side should you have to use both hands to pull in a big.

3.  Lifetime Tamarack Angler

Best fishing kayak under $500

The Lifetime Tamarack Angler is a 10-foot sit-on-top kayak that measures 31 inches and weighs 52 lbs. It has a maximum weight of 275 pounds.The kayak’s bow and stern storage areas are secure with bungee cord-rigging for more oversized items. The kayak also has two enclosed storage areas with six-inch hatches in its bow and stern.

The kayak has a padded seat with a quick-release back. This makes it simple to clip the seat in place without dealing with extra straps or buckles.
The Lifetime Tamarack Angler has a flat, stable bottom and deep tracking channels to increase stability and tracking capability. The seat also includes two flush-mounted fishing rod holders and an articulating rod holder mounted on the gunwale right of the seat.

 4.Intex Excursion Pro Kayak

Best fishing kayak under $500

Intex’ Excursion Pro Kayak has adjustable seats and footrests to keep you comfortable. The rod holders allow you to fish hands-free, and the waterproof bag locks into the front so you can take anything with you on the water.

The Excursion Pro’s inflatable design makes it easy to store in your car. The handles at the front and back allow for easy transport over land or to the beach. The Intex Excursion Pro Kayak comes with two aluminum oars and an air pump. Then, it is ready to go and enjoy your day on the river, lake or coastal ocean.

 5.Emotion 90245 Spitfire Sit-On-Top 8 Foot Kayak

Best fishing kayak under $500

It is short, but it shows incredible speed and tracking without compromising safety.
It is ideal for children and adults less than 24 pounds.

The Emotion Spitfire Kayak features ST Performance Hull, ensuring stability even with increased speed. With its large tank well and adjustable padded seating, you can enjoy the kayak like it is a luxury item. Protect your legs with moulded-in footwells, high capacity and protective thigh pads.

 6.Pelican Sit-On-Top Kayak – Sentinel 100X

Best fishing kayak under $500

The Sentinel 100X from Pelican packs many features specifically for anglers into a small, manageable space. Unfortunately, the EXOPAK removable storage compartment and a pair of vertical rod holders make it much more storage.

The Sentinel 100X has a pair of rod tie-downs and 2 accessory eyelets that allow you to add your gear.The kayak weighs in at 44 lbs and measures 9.5 feet. This makes it easy to transport and store. In addition, the multi-chine flat bottom design provides stability for casting and fighting fish.

Sit-on-top kayaks are great for boosting your casting because of the elevated vantage point. This is a top-of-the-line sit on top kayak.

 7.Airhead Montana Inflatable Kayak 2-person

Best fishing kayak under $500

Air Head Montana is an inflatable tandem kayak that can hold two paddlers. AHTK2 is best in lakes and white water. It is lightweight and comes with all the accessories kayak anglers need. This inflatable kayak is one of the best on the market.

This kayak is constructed from heavy-gauge PVC material with fortified I beam construction. As a result, it is highly durable and lasts longer than other inflatable kayaks.
The large cockpit is ideal for beginners, as it makes it easy to get in and out of the kayak in an emergency.Two inflatable seats are available on the AHTK2 that provide exceptional comfort and enhance your fishing experience. These seats can be adjusted to suit your water conditions and convenience.

The neoprene elbow protectors allow you to sit comfortably and balance your weight in the kayak.You will also find spray covers for the front and back of your kayak to keep you dry on the water.Air Head Montana includes 6 stainless steel D rings that can be used to secure cargo nets and to tow them when necessary.

The kayak’s many air chambers act as a safety net, so even if it is damaged, it will still float and take you safely to shore.Although its flat-bottom hull doesn’t allow for great tracking on water, it offers excellent navigation.

 8.Sevylor Coleman Colorado

Best fishing kayak under $500

The Sevylor Coleman Colorado inflatable fishing kayak is for two people and measures less than 11 feet in length and 39 inches wide. It is one of the lightest tandem fishing kayaks available, weighing over 40 pounds.

The fishing kayak has four-rod holders mounted on the side and two-rod holders that can be articulated for hands-free fishing. You can also keep small gear items and snacks in the handy mesh pockets at the front of each seat.This kayak features a 1000-denier tarpaulin base reinforced by an 840-denier nylon cover. It is highly resistant to punctures and other damage, leading to leaks. Even if one of the air chambers is compromised, two separate chambers will keep the kayak afloat.

Multiple D-rings provide a secure way to attach your fishing gear to the Sevylor Coleman Colorado. You’ll also find two handy paddle holders to keep your kayak paddle safe while you fish.

 9.Sea Eagle Sport Kayak SE370

Best fishing kayak under $500

Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sport Kayak comes with a fishing package. This allows you to transform this kayak from a recreational boat into an inflatable fishing kayak. It measures 34 inches in length and is a 12-foot, 6-inch kayak.

Although this kayak is large enough for one paddler, it can hold three. This inflatable fishing kayak can carry a maximum weight of 650 pounds.

This kayak can be used for Class III whitewater if you feel a bit antsy or want to get an adrenaline rush. The kayak has three air chambers, one on each side and one on the floor.
Sea Eagle SE370 is easy to inflate and takes only eight minutes. It also features high-frequency seam welding for extra durability. In addition, this kayak weighs only 32 pounds and is easy to transport from your car to the water.


Before choosing the right kayak, it is essential to decide between them. Each has its uses.

Sit-on-top kayaks

These are recommended for safe waters. These are great for unwinding and relaxing on a lake while also enjoying some casual kayaking. These kayaks are very likely to get you et. In addition, these will not have claustrophobia as sit-in kayaks can. These kayaks are heavier than the sit-ins, but draining is easy with scupper plugs. They’re also very easy to access and get out of.

Sit-in kayaks

These can be used for speed and tracking. Paddling can be used to get you to your destination quickly. You will be more protected in wet conditions because you’re sitting in them. You need to know how to make a damp escape. This is the best option for anglers.


Storage Space

Fishing kayaks that are budget-friendly tend to be smaller than those with higher prices. You will find that there is less space for your gear, and your kayak should offer ample storage for your fishing gear. You can store electronics and other non-waterproof items in a sealed compartment.


It would help if you did not forget about the kayak’s durability. An affordable kayak does not necessarily mean it will be of poor quality. Kayaks are a long-term investment, and high-quality construction will ensure that they last for many years.


Longer kayaks are more efficient in water than those that are narrower. However, shorter and broader kayaks offer more stability in the water but at a more incredible speed.

Which kayak length should you choose? It all depends on the water you are fishing in. A long, narrow fishing kayak is better if you plan to fish in large bodies of water. It will also be quicker. If you plan to fish in small bodies of water, however, you can opt for a narrower fishing kayak. You can choose between a slim and large fishing kayak.


It is an important aspect to consider the portability of your fishing kayak. Your fishing kayak should also be easy to transport. The weight of your fishing kayak will be affected by the accessories you use. You will need to compromise.

A single-person kayak weighs in at 50 pounds.


It all depends on what kind of water you are fishing in. An anchoring device is essential if you fish in rough waters. It will ensure that your kayak does not get swept away by the streams.

However, if you fish in calm waters, it is not necessary to use any anchoring device. The kayaks listed above offer good stability.



The stern, the back of a boat, can be designed in many ways. Specific designs make it easier for boats to manoeuvre, while others make them more stable when they move quickly through rough water.


The nose, bow, and prow are the exteriors of the boat’s front. The nose’s shape affects how the boat enters the water and influences its speed.


The hull is the bottom of your kayak, and it influences stability, speed, comfort, and safety. There are two types of hulls: V-shaped or flat-bottom. The flat bottom boat has excellent stability but less responsiveness. However, the V-shaped boats offer more speed and agility.


Kayaks are usually equipped with either moulded or movable footrests that allow you to brace your feet when paddling. Consider whether the footrests can be adjusted or removed depending on your height.


A skeg is a small fin that attaches at the bottom of your kayak to help you maintain its course in windy conditions such as crosswinds. The rudder helps maintain stability in the face of wind and current pushback. It can be used correctly and make navigating rough oceans easier for novice paddlers.


For beginners, budget fishing kayaks can be a great way to start fishing. Kayaks are an affordable alternative to boats and can be transported more easily than boats. All of the kayaks listed are good choices for those looking for fishing kayaks on a tight budget. Before you purchase a fishing kayak, do extensive research.

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