Best inflatable kayak for dogs (Top 5 Picks for 2022 )

There are many activities you can take up with your dog, from hiking the mountains to surfing the swells in the Pacific. Most dogs enjoy going out on the water with their families, especially on the family boat for the day. However, large boats can be a hassle to transport from one lake to another. That’s where the kayak comes in! Kayaks are great because they’re not too heavy, they’re durable for multiple years of use, and you can quickly bring your dog along for a day out on the water.

Kayaks are available in various shapes, sizes, dimensions and materials; therefore, it’s hard to determine the best kayak for your dog and you. However, we’ve done the study, so you needn’t worry about it. We searched for the best kayaks on the market and provided an honest opinion about our selection.

Best Inflatable Kayak for Dogs Reviewed in 2022

Here are our recommendations for the top 5 kayaks for dogs:

1. Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sport Kayak

Best inflatable kayak For dogs

The inflatable kayak made by Sea Eagle can carry up to three persons. However, it’s better for two or one person with an animal for your comfort.It’s made of K-80 Polykrylar, which is highly durable and tear-resistant. I love the fact that its maximum capacity is an impressive 600 pounds. It’s a great fit for big dogs.

In addition to its strength and durability, I love the fact that the seats can be adjusted and moveable. This provides you with various alternatives when it comes to using the space in the kayak.This kayak considers being Ideal for carrying equipment and canine cargo. It also covers the storage built-in, which may be a bit larger.

The flooring of the Sea Eagle E370 is made of five I-beams, making it highly stable and straightforward for the paddler to paddle. However, its stability makes this an excellent option for dog-friendly kayaking.The kayak is also a self-bailing boat, a one-way valve that continuously drains out the water from your kayak.

It includes the following features:

  • 2 paddles.
  • Two inflatable, movable, and removable seats are movable and removable.
  • Foot pump.
  • Bag with shoulder strap.
  • Repair kit.

2. Driftsun Voyager 2 Person Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Best inflatable kayak For dogs

Its Driftsun Voyager 2 person Tandem Inflatable Kayak can be described as a small kayak that can be used by two or even one person and a pet. It has an angled bow (front) to ensure stability in rough water and is suitable for use in all waters, including moving ones. The inflatable kayak is inflated quickly by hand pump, which is faster than inflatable kayaks, which could take as long as an hour to inflate. It also has an excellent capacity to hold 500 pounds, which is ideal for an extra-large dog that will not be able to fit with other types of kayaks.

But this Driftsun Voyager Kayak is indeed on the pricey side of inflatable kayaks. It does not come with certain features other models come with. This might have a higher cost, but it’s built with lower-quality PVC material than the other inflatable kayaks and could not be as sturdy. It also has little storage space. It would not be the best choice for a long day in the open water. We recommend looking at another tandem inflatable kayak to increase the amount of cargo space and overall higher quality.

3. LifetimeTandem Fishing Kayak

Best inflatable kayak For dogs

The Intex 68307EP Lifetime 60121 Tandem Fishing Kayak is a tandem sit-on-top kayak perfect for paddling and fishing in lakes with the pet. It’s constructed of high-density polyethene, which offers UV protection and long-lasting, durable durability, which prevents it from getting damaged or scratched during use.

The kayak has 500 pounds of weight, which makes it suitable for most dogs that can comfortably sit on it and not sink it. It can hold for up to three or two persons with dogs, which means you don’t need to let anyone go when you go fishing. In addition, it’s made with a flat bottom hull, which provides the needed stability that reduces the chance of being flipped over or tipping.

The kayak also comes with multiple straps and clips to secure your things and an enclosed hatch to keep your backpack and other items protected from water.
The only thing we could find is that it might be difficult for novices to navigate, and it’s not the best choice for those new to kayaks.

4. Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Best inflatable kayak For dogs

This inflatable kayak by Coleman can accommodate 2 persons or you and your dog. There’s plenty of room even if you own the giant dog breed.This kayak is built for fishing in moderately rough terrain. It’s built with a tarpaulin top made of 1000D, and its nylon cover of 840D makes it challenging. Even against claw nails from your dog.

Kayaks for fishing are highly stable and ideal for dogs that frequently move about. They’re built to handle lots of motion when fishers sit up, this is a huge benefit for you. Seats are also moveable, making it simple to adjust the seating to maximize comfort. There’s plenty of storage between the back and side walls of seats. This compensates for the thick sidewalls, making the kayak cramped if you have plenty of equipment.

If you’re looking to have your hands off, you’ll feel delighted with the mounted accessories, such as the paddle and rod holders.There’s one thing to mention here; it’s not equipped with paddles or a pump.Undoubtedly the perfect dog-friendly kayak. It’s durable, rugged, stable, and the adjustable seats give you the possibility of maximizing space.

However, keep in mind that you’ll have to spend more on pumps and paddles.

5. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

Best inflatable kayak For dogs

This Intex Explorer K2 kayak is a tandem kayak, which is perfect for those who are first-time kayakers. The tandem kayak is inflatable and has an air compressor, meaning that you don’t need an additional item to inflate it. In addition, it features fully adjustable seats and inflatable backrests. This gives the body support you need and your pet’s comfort.

The kayak is rated at an upper limit that is 400 pounds. This makes it sufficient for most single-riders with one medium-sized to a large-sized dog or two people with one dog. It’s also in the lower range than other kayaks, particularly for multi-rider kayaks. However, it’s not designed for larger lakes, and therefore it’s best suited to smaller lakes and rivers to provide more safety. It’s also time-consuming to fill up this kayak, which is why we have kept it out of our top spot.

Apart from these issues, the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is the most dog-friendly kayak for the price.

Buyers Guide to choose the Best Inflatable Kayak for Dogs

There are many dog-friendly kayaks available, and it’s a bit difficult to choose which is the most suitable.

Before you pay on a kayak, the most crucial aspects are to consider.


It is a given that your dog will affect your decision on a kayak.It should be a pleasurable adventure for both of you. And even if your dog is the best-behaved dog, they’ll likely be moving about on the kayak.

First, you need to be aware that the measurements of your dog’s length and height are crucial to know.Take into consideration the length that the kayak is. It isn’t a good idea for the dog’s legs to slide out and slip and fall out. Therefore, regardless of the way your dog is facing, their legs on the front and back must be able to fit comfortably in the yak.

Your dog’s weight is an essential aspect to factor into. If your dog is of a large breed, the kayak you choose to use must be able to support you, your pet, and any other equipment you may require.

If your yak cannot take the load, it will be a struggle to paddle and manage it. And you might even sink.

Single or Tandem

A single kayak generally holds the person in it, along with some equipment and food. If you’ve got an enormous dog, it’s best to go on a tandem kayak.

If you’re a pet owner with a small puppy or dog and you are looking for a single kayak, then a single one may be the best option for you.

Sit-on-Top or Sit-in Kayaks

The choice of the sit-on-top or sit-in kayak is dependent on the dog’s personality. Both are great for dogs.Sit-on-top yaks are ideal for a very active dog who loves to swim and play.

If your dog prefers to sit and relax while you paddle, then a sitting kayak is a great choice.

Inflatable v. Hardshell

In this article, I’ve reviewed only inflatable kayaks. However, I prefer them over hard shells due to a couple of motives…

First of all, they can have a higher base than hard shells. They’re incredibly sturdy, something super important when kayaking with your dog.The best boats are self-bailing. They contain holes within the floors that constantly flushes water out of the boat.

Since they’re inflatable, they are super simple to carry around. They typically come with a useful storage bag and carry bags. In addition, with the top manufacturers, you’ll also get a pump for the kayak.

If you’re worried about the pops, don’t be; technology has advanced to the point that the robust outer shell can take on rock bouncing without puncturing.

If your pet’s nails are cut, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Fishing Kayaks

Fishing kayaks are renowned due to their stability. Because they’re specifically designed for fishing, they’re designed to allow people to sit or stand on them. This makes them the ideal kayak for dogs.

Naturally, they won’t do well in the rapids. But that’s not the purpose they were made for.

In addition, if you’re paddling with your dog, it’s best to stick to more tranquil water.

Kayaking Safety

Of course, with your pet cargo, there are some precautions you must take. 

First of all, your dog should be carrying an individual water-based device (PDF) throughout the day.

Secondly, sunscreen is an essential part of protection against the sun for you and your pet. It needs to be applied to the ear and nose. Taking plenty of fluids and eating well also falls under the essential precautions.

Lastly, tieing your dog to the kayak and moving into the calm water considers being a dangerous practice.

Train Your Dog for Sea Legs

But before all of that is done, you must teach your dog how to love kayaking. It would be very stressful for your dog to adapt to kayaking.They could even make them afraid of kayaks and the water.Give your pet the time to explore and become accustomed to kayaks while on dry ground.

The most effective way to accomplish this is to keep kayaks in the home or the yard. If your pet ever gets into the kayak, show plenty of treats and praise.At some point, you’ll be able to relax inside the boat and even encourage your pet to join you (still on dry ground, though).

When your dog is content to be within the boat, you can shift the training to your closest riverbank or the lake’s edge. Follow the same steps above; however, your kayak is still in extremely shallow waters.

If your favourite buddy is enjoying sitting in the kayak and enjoying the shallow waters, it’s the right time to get a bit deeper.


After careful review and comparison of the various products, we discover the top prize for Best Overall Kayak goes to the Lifetime 90121 Tandem Fishing Kayak. It’s constructed of durable materials, can accommodate up to three persons, and has a hefty capacity of 500 pounds. It’s the most durable kayak for those looking for one that can sit your dog in a comfortable position. We have found the winner to be the Intex 68307EP Explorer Kayak for the best value. The kayak isn’t just cost-effective but also simple to inflate and seats two people. It’s also manufactured by Intex, a well-known company that also makes other inflatable items.

We searched for the top kayaks in the market, keeping your dog’s safety and you in the forefront. If you are beginning a new adventure with your pet is crucial to familiarize your dog with all new items thoroughly. A local outdoor and sports store can help you choose the ideal kayak for your needs if you’re unsure what’s suitable for you.

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