Best stand up fishing kayaks in 2022

One of the main qualities anglers are looking for in the kayak is sitting comfortably and standing when fishing. Kayaks were initially designed to ensure stability for the person using them in a sitting position; however, as kayak fishing has gained popularity, manufacturers have been working on models that allow anglers to move about however they like.

There are two kinds of kayaks: the sit-inside and top-sit kayaks. Both are made to offer adequate stability for sitting; however, what happens is the best option if you prefer fishing from a stand?

Sit-on-top kayaks tend to be the best option since they offer better stability than sit-inside models. However, there are kayaks with a sit-inside feature listed below that allow you to stand up quickly.

If you’re searching for an inflatable kayak that lets you stand easily and fish, consider this guide.

Best Stand Up Fishing Kayaks in 2022

1. Wilderness Systems ATAK 120

Best stand up fishing kayak

The 14-foot original advanced tactical kayak for angling – ATAK to shorten it – was an impressive boat. This version, called ATAK 120, offers the same advantages but is a smaller, 12.3 feet long, 35 inches wide hull.

The 120 is an enormous kayak that weighs 86 pounds, but it’s outfitted to fish and has a capacity of 400 pounds.

Numerous SlideTrax accessories bow, stern, and bow compartments, a hatch, an adjustable console with a transducer scupper and the AirPro MAX chair, a stand-up assistance strap; can name it, and ATAK includes it. However, it’s funny how they failed to have an individual rod holder for fishing.

Its compatibility with the Helix MD motor is excellent, given that stand-up kayaks aren’t renowned for their speed.

2. Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Fishing Kayak

Best stand up fishing kayak

If you are thinking of the best kayaks to stand on, you may not opt for inflatable kayaks. But that’s not the case with Elkton Outdoors’s strong Steelhead fishing kayak.

This craft is a single version; however, both come with the essential drop-stitch floor, which can be used for standing castings and reels.

Self-bailing drains are readily available when you venture out on the water. Additionally, the kayak has plenty of mounting points, meaning you can modify it according to your preferences, including Scotty-style hardware points.

3. Lifetime Lotus Sit-On-Top Kayak with Paddle

Best stand up fishing kayak

The Lifetime Lotus Kayak is a lightweight kayak with a sit-on-top that can weigh 38lbs. It comes with a tough shell that is suitable for intense swimming. However, it’s not rust-proof due to its high-density polyethene structure.

The kayak has an electric drive system that allows allowing for easy paddling. It also has to scupper holes for draining the cockpit so that water doesn’t build up inside. A large tank with a bungee cord is included behind the tank to store additional fishing gear and accessories.

4. Sea Eagle 350FX Inflatable Fishing Explorer Kayak

Best stand up fishing kayak in 2022

Created with fun and comfort in mind, With pleasure and convenience in mind, the Sea Eagle 350fx Fishing Explorer is the ideal inflatable fishing stand-up kayak you can carry on your fishing trips.

Sea Eagle crafted the 350fx Fishing Explorer out of their durable 2000D reinforced fabric with four overlapped seams glued to each other for puncture resistance in the water. It also comes with the highest-pressure drop stitched flooring with EVA foam padding that is non-slip to ensure that you get an erect platform to stand high and reel the fish.

The kayak boasts a staggering 575 lb capacity for weight and plenty of storage space for gear. It also comes with several D-rings to secure your gear that is loose and six-rod holders built in to put as many hooks on the water as you want.

We also like that this kayak has many fishing-specific features like hook and lure holders.

5. Perception Outlaw 11.5 Sit on Top Fishing Kayak

Best stand up fishing kayak

Perception’s Outlaw 11.5 is a perfect size, 11.5 feet long – the name alone says everything. However, the name does not suggest that it has an open cockpit that measures 35 inches wide, providing a comprehensive standing platform with traction pads and elevated seats.

Its weight is 77lbs, but it should not be a problem given the moulded bow stern handles and side handles that serve as tracks for gears.

The capacity of 425 pounds can accommodate anglers of any size and the equipment needed to fish for the day.

Additionally, you’ll get a bow and a stern tank well, double-barrel rod holders 3 Solo Mount recesses – and plenty of space to add accessories. One thing that’s not included is a dry storage hatch.

6. BKC TK122U Tandem Fishing Kayak

Best stand up fishing kayak in 2022

A Brooklyn Kayak Company is a smart option for low-cost fishing kayaks. In addition, they offer some great tandem options. This is why I’ve put this three or two-person sitting-on-top kayak to enjoy the water with a friend and loved one.

The high weight capacity and hull design ensure it’s very stable for stand-up casts, and it’s overflowing with those fishing-friendly features we know and love, such as articulated rod holders, accessory mounting rails, watertight storage and tank wells.

The 34-inch beam is designed to keep things steady even in turbulent conditions. In addition, the comfortable, ergonomic seating provides an excellent view over the ocean.

It is also possible to pilot by yourself, which is ideal for when you have to get someone out of the way.

7. NuCanoe Frontier 12 Ultimate Fishing Kayak

Best stand up fishing kayak in 2022

Simplicity is at the heart of NuCanoe Frontier 12 design. The absence of standard features is its most appealing feature. Like a blank slate or blank canvas, The Frontier 12 is intended to provide a foundation to inspire anglers. However, NuCanoe added small touches that can make a huge difference.

In the spirit of the picnic-angler, the day hatch inside the bow that has an integrated gear bucket is ideal for storing meals and drying clothes. One of my favourite features is the horizontal rod holders with rod tip guards. So when I’m carrying in my kayak around the trees or fishing under heavy cover, I can keep my rods under the deck and keep them from hanging low limbs.

Two short tracks for gears inside the bow make it easy to mount electronics or rod holders. A substantial 70-inch path for loads runs each side of the cabin. Alongside housing the “Fusion 360” seat the “Fusion 360” seat, the longer gear tracks provide additional options to mount electronics and gear. NuCanoe recently changed to aluminum top load gear tracks for Frontier 12. New tracks will be stronger than plastic and allow you to remove and insert accessories.

8. Sea Eagle FishSUP 126

Best stand up fishing kayak

Sea Eagle Fishsup 126 is your ideal choice. It’s a fantastic inflatable fishing boat that is available on the market. It is sturdy and has standing paddleboards and a highly comfortable seat. In addition to the ability to inflate, a vital feature is that it is highly mobile, portable and simple to put together.

There’s nothing unassuming about Sea Eagle’s new FS126. With 12’6” of space and 40 6 inches, this giant board is big enough to allow you to spend an entire day out on the water with all your fishing equipment. In addition, the board’s size of 40 inches and large, wide-swallow tail design offers impressive stability in the water that allows you to cast standing up safely.

How to Choose the Best Stand-Up Fishing Kayak

There are plenty of things to consider when shopping for a fishing boat that you can stand in.

Please look at our helpful buyer’s guide to the right below.

Why Choose a Stand-Up Fishing Kayak?

There are various reasons you may want to consider an inflatable kayak specifically made to fit an upright pilot.

They also don’t always involve fishing.

Kayaks you can stand on will provide the most stable possible stability, which is usually a crucial necessity, especially for those novices to kayaking or who are hesitant about trying it out.

Due to the deck’s layout, these kayaks can be larger than other kayaks, and you may not be as constricted due to this – particularly on your feet and the foot braces.

For most anglers, the primary reason to go with standing kayaks is that standing allows you to control your casting and also the ability to alter lures and also setting your hook after you catch a fish.

Anyone who fishes will tell you that fighting a big fish is more enjoyable than standing.

Particularly for fly-fishing, it’s not possible to get similar results if you’re at a desk. You could also return to using top-quality waders; however, kayaking is more enjoyable.

Find out what makes the top kayaks that stand up and what to be looking for.

Type of Kayak

There are numerous kinds of kayaks to choose from – each designed to serve a different purpose, whether professional or recreational.

They can be narrowed into two distinct types: sit-in and sit on top.

If you’re looking to pick the ideal kayak for casting standing, there’s no doubt that you must choose the one with a top-sit-on-top. Unfortunately, this is the only model I’ve reviewed in this article.

Read this article about sitting-in kayaks and sit-on-top kayaks and discover which one is best to fish with overall for a more thorough explanation.

Also, it would help if you thought about whether you’d like an individual or a tandem craft.

Be aware that a single person can man many tandem kayaks, So they’re recommended for added stability and space in the case of kayaking solo.


During an ocean-bound adventure, a tippy kayak can be spectacular in whitewater or even ripping through the waves.

It’s not helpful if you wish to get up in it.

If you’re looking to the top kayaks for standing, it is essential first to look at the hull’s design.

Wide, flat hulls give the most outstanding “primary stability,” which is the way you feel as you embark on your journey.

They’re better suited for more calm waters, calm lakes, and slow rivers. They’re the ideal kayaks to stand in.

V-shaped hulls are not suitable and must avoid at all times to practice this. You’ll need the balance of an expert in tightrope to be successful standing casts on this kind of craft, so make sure you choose flat hulls for the entire way.


It’s not all about how flat and wide the hull is to allow casting on a standing basis.

I’ll reveal a little secret of the method I used to narrow down my choices and select the kayaks I used in this review.

Take a look at the footwells.

Most often, the design and space of the kayak’s footwell will provide an exact indication of whether your kayak is suitable for standing up or not.

Find kayaks that have ample space around the place you can put your feet. A quality standing kayak should have an enclosed expansive and shaped deck to permit freedom of movement.

This is another indication that the kayak was designed to be used for casting standing up.

Some kayaks may feature a foot-shaped stand to make it more evident that it’s ideal for getting off your bum.


While our primary issue is to find the right kayak for standing, we shouldn’t ignore how crucial the seating option is.

It is often an essential factor in determining the quality of a great kayak and a fantastic one.

Kayak manufacturers with high-end designs invest lots of money into premium seating to make your trip as relaxing as is possible.

Find kayaks with seating with frames made of metal raised to provide the most expansive view of the water.

Remember, the more comfortable the seating is, the easier it is to stand up at all and the easier it is sitting again.

Also, look for an adjustable seat with the capability to remove it and put on a different kayak, if needed. Certain anglers require extra space to stand up.


Stand-up fishing kayaks typically have more storage space than usual – given the kayak’s hull’s wide design.

It’s up to you to determine what type of storage system you’d benefit from.

Seek out kayaks with large tanks between the bow and the stern. They’re ideal for tackle bags and boxes, coolers, or even milk crates decorated to your taste.

Waterproof hatches are great for securing valuables. They are available in various places within the kayak, based on the kayak you pick.

Underseat storage is the perfect place to store any extra fishing gear in case of rain and clouds begin to appear.

Fishing Features

I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it – a fishing kayak isn’t a fishing kayak unless it’s got fishing-friendly features.

Rod holders are among the most essential and useful ones. However, it is also necessary to be on the lookout for other mounting rails so that you can upgrade your equipment and gear at a later time.

Installing transducers, fishfinders, GPS, flashlights, and other gadgets and gizmos is much easier when your kayak is already equipped with the equipment to attach the devices.

You don’t need to start drilling new holes.

Instead of lighting, you could opt for the traditional route of using a good fishing headlamp if you’re fishing in the dark.

Size and Weight Capacity

The more weight you wish to carry on in your kayak, the more the weight capacity will have to be.

This is why many opt for tandem kayaks even when they’re sailing solo.

Larger kayaks will provide more significant space and be capable of carrying more equipment.

However, the price is likely to be the load of the kayak, and you may struggle to bring it to the water’s edge without assistance.

It’s also unlikely to get awards for its efficiency because the heavy, bulky kayaks will be heavy and slow on the water and may be difficult to manoeuvre if unfamiliar with it.

Pedals and Paddles

That brings me to the way you’ll get the device to work.

Fishing kayaks usually provide two kinds of propulsion, pedals or paddles.

In the majority of cases, paddles are not negotiable. Find kayaks that have paddle parks to have a place to keep them in storage while you’re using your rods.

However, purchasing a kayak equipped with pedal drive technology is essential if you’re looking to gain more control speed, power, and control on the water.

The toe or hand-operated rudders can help, especially in rougher conditions.

They can be costly; However, experienced kayak anglers are raving about them.

Specific kayaks are also compatible with trolling motors, so make sure you look for models that allow for easy kayaking.

A Word on Safety

While the kayaks featured in this review were explicitly designed to allow standing, it’s impossible to account for unusual conditions, unforced mistakes, or even humans merrily swaying around.

Accidents can occur, and falling into a pool is a real possibility.

In this regard, it is recommended that you always wear an official PFD for fishing in kayaks while on the water.

There are no excuses, especially when you’re planning to walk around and stand during your time on the boat or trying to retrieve a massive monster from the deep.


Super-stable kayaks designed for standing tend to have a little more in them so that prices can rise because you’re buying more kayaks for the money.

The pedal drive and the superior seating will increase the cost considerably.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to buy a kayak for a reasonable price, and there’s a wide range of low-cost options available even when you’re not looking for everything bells and whistles.

Purchase the top model you can afford and one that is suitable for your level of expertise and how often you’ll utilize it.


Do you have the ability to be seated on a kayak for fishing?

If the kayak is made to stand, it is possible to sit comfortably in it.

Still, it would help if you had some balance and be careful not to overextend yourself when casting or moving about within the kayak.

Watch the video below to get suggestions and tips for fishing from your kayak while standing up.

What are the benefits of stand-up fishing using a kayak?

The advantages of stand up fishing from a kayak are numerous.

The first is that you get an unobstructed view of the water. This can aid you in locating the most suitable places and pinpointing the exact spot you’ll must cast. It is also helpful in identifying potential hazards.

Casting is more effortless, and you’ll be more flexible when sitting. In addition, you’ll be able to cast farther and more precisely and accuracy – essential for those who want to catch that trout right on the front.

It is much easier to manipulate lures standing up and helps to catch more fish.

Accessing your gear becomes more straightforward if you paddle around on your kayak.

Standing up is more comfortable on your back, particularly when you’re in an inflatable kayak that doesn’t come with the best seating.

What is the ideal kayak to stand on in?

It’s contingent on what you’re looking to find in a kayak and the things that matter to you. There’s no single kayak out there that’s a “best” kayak to stand up in.

The kayaks featured in this review are great for standing casts; however, I’d choose one called the Old Town Sportsman if I had to pick one. This kayak is an absolute fishing machine.

Is there a more stable kayak for fishing?

However, there’s no definitive winner, and you’ll have to try each one to determine. But, it’s essential to seek out kayaks with giant hulls for the highest possible stability in the primary.

Do fishing kayaks capsize?

It is possible fishing kayaks are known to be stable enough that capsizing is extremely rare.

It’s also much more comfortable to climb back onto the stable kayak since you don’t need to flip it over unless there’s an accident or in highly hazardous conditions.

It can occur – especially if the kayak is improperly loaded, or you’re not familiar with, or the weather or waves are rising.

I recommend you try your kayak in calm, shallow water and be cautious when to load it properly so it’s well poised.

What is the best way to stand in an inflatable fishing kayak?

Great question. There are many methods to accomplish this, but I believe the following video outlines the most straightforward method to follow to ensure that you don’t end up getting into the drink.

You could include a standing strap to make it easier and safer. Also, don’t forget to put on the right pair of excellent fishing gloves that will simplify the job.


Sitting in your fishing kayak confidently can result in a fun but the efficient fishing experience. With the many kayak options available, it’s essential to select the one that is stable, practical, comfortable, and is within your budget.

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