8 Best electric bikes under 500 in 2022

Tired of pedaling? Are you looking for the best electric bike for under $500 and are you confused by the many options available? Please do not worry. In 2022 we have reviewed the 8 best electric bikes under 500

The bicycle is one of the most convenient means of transportation. It saves fuel, leaves no carbon emissions, and provides power. Our only problem is pedaling with our hands. You need more effort for long-term pedals. With advanced technology, these bikes respond to modernization and provide the best E-bike for your convenience.

Electric bikes are one of the simplest riding styles. In addition to having an automatic guilty system, provides a wide range of slopes with a comfortable driving experience. Due to the important factors for review before purchasing, the market in 2021 offers a complete overview of the best electric bikes. If you’re planning on buying one, this review will save you time and help narrow down your options.

List of 8 Best electric bikes under 500 Reviewed in 2022

1. Shaofu Folding Electric Bike

The Shaofu folding bike is affordable and packed with unique features. The bike is 100% electric and has zero emissions. The bike also comes pre-installed with headlights and horns. Also, the bike can be locked via an app on your smartphone. This is the best electric bike under $ 500 for the following features. It has a double-layer aluminum wheel with an aluminum frame. The shape of the design is inspired by the dolphins who created this trend. In addition, the chair is adjustable and comfortable.

The bike has a lightweight aluminum frame. It usually weighs 12 kg. The easy folding system helps in compact storage and easy transportation. Equipped with 36V and 8Ah lithium-ion batteries with an intelligent charger. The charging time is up to 3 hours and with a full battery, it can cover distances of 25 to 50km. This bike is equipped with a 350W motor.

2. Vivi Electric 26-Inch Mountain Bike

The Vivi 26-inch electric mountain bike is ready for any situation. This round is slightly above the $ 500 limit, but for a small fee, you can still win a few more rounds of cash. Powering this model is a 350-watt high-speed brushless motor and rear hub capable of generating over 37 pounds of torque and reaching speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.

 The performance of this model can only be guaranteed by using the three pedal assist settings or the accelerator pedal. This means you don’t have to pedal unless you have to. There’s also a 21-speed Shimano groupset to help you find the right gear on the road. When it’s time to stop, the front and rear mechanical disc brakes can take a lot of work

3. SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB-5

SWAGTRON produces electric bicycles that are elegant, comfortable to ride, and easy to transport for long periods of time. This Swagcycle EB-5 is no exception.

The caster wheels are driven by a 250W hub motor with mechanical disc brakes to prevent increased traffic. At speeds up to 15mph, it’s okay to go to the office when your friends are speeding down the road.

It features a powerful battery that runs on a lithium-ion battery with a charging speed of 25km. Visiting nature will make your trip enjoyable. For greater coverage of the folding bike, you can switch between full throttle and pedal.

4. ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike

The ANCHEER 500W / 250W E-Bike is a great electric bike as a low-priced city cross bike. There are three power modes. Assisted pedaling, motor only, pedaling only. For higher prices, you can use a 250 watt or 500-watt motor.

This bike is like a mountain bike but designed for a city cruising on dusty or very slippery roads. It has no power or components to drive on the track. Ideal for city and road trips. The front silencer is smooth and without damping. Absorbs holes and cracks on pavements or roads in poor condition. If you try to ride this bike on a trail with a lot of roots and rocks, you will find that the front suspension is always lower. The price is around $ 400-500, roughly the same as a walkie-talkie mountain bike. Shimano tensioner parts are available. It has disc brakes which are a nice upgrade and feature. There are 26-inch wheels and half-button wheels. Learn more about what you can expect from a $ 500 mountain bike.

5. Sailnovo Y1-14 14″ Electric Bike

The 14-inch Sailnovo Y1-14 electric bike features 14-inch (35.6cm) wheels with dual braking systems.

This device is made of aluminum, but it is not the lightest electric bicycle on the market; for many reasons, it weighs 55 pounds (25 kg).

The Sailnovo Y1-14 14 inch electric bike features a relatively powerful 350-watt motor powered by a large 36.5 volts 10.5 Ah battery which allows the bike to reach a top speed of 18.6 mph (~ 30 km / h) with a range to have. 25-28 miles (~ 40-45km / h) and can adjust the camber up to 15 degrees in full electric drive mode. The recommended rider height is between 4’10 “and 5’10” (~ 147-178 cm) with a maximum drawbar load of 265 lbs (120 kg). Another interesting feature is the combination of shock absorbers with tires which makes for a very smooth ride. The LCD display shows all important information for the user, especially the battery status / remaining charge.

The Selnovo Y1-14 14 “E-Bike supports all three riding modes: fully electric mode, pedal-assist mode, and pedal-only mode.

This unit is probably a little more expensive than the other units on this list, but it has a powerful motor, larger battery, muffler,

6. NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle

The NAKTO 26 electric truck offers some pretty decent features for a certain price. It has a nice visual design and a stand on the back. As the name “cargo” suggests, these bikes help you move things from place to place without increasing speed.

The wheel frame is made of durable high-strength carbon steel. The frame also offers excellent shock absorption comfort. There are two braking systems. The front wheels have a V-brake system and the single wheels have wide brakes. The brakes are fully protected to ensure safety.

 There are six speeds to choose from and for safety, the speed is fully controlled by the electric brake.

 It has a 36 volt, 10 amp lithium battery with a smart charger. The maximum speed the engine can deliver is 18 to 25 mph, and the battery can cover a distance of 28 to 35 miles.

 There are two modes, electric mode and assisted mode. You can easily select the mode according to your flight or combine the two modes to improve performance.

7. Swagtron Folding-Bicycles Swagcycle Pro

The Swagcycle Pro has become popular with technology enthusiasts thanks to its advanced technology and its higher convenience.

This Swagtron masterpiece allows you to drive without problems on roads, roads, and strains. Thanks to the structure without pedals, you no longer have to move your feet.

It has an elegant appearance and a visual design that is strong enough to request up to 264 pounds. In terms of performance, it will not be committed even if the bicycle has a 350-watt engine load. Powerful enough to traverse rough terrain and steep hills up to 12 degrees.

The battery that powers the bike can be used to charge your phone on the go via the built-in USB port. Carry this smart bike on your back and you won’t get stuck anywhere.

Quickly view all available features, such as remote monitoring, battery life, and streaming settings. In moments, you can connect your bike to the SwagCyle II app to improve rider comfort.

8. Jetson Bolt Folding Electric Bike

The Jetson Bolt Folding Electric Bike is a beautiful compact electric bike at an affordable price. This bike is more fun for commuting or fun.

The auger has no pedal. This is for gasoline-electric bikes only. There is an updated Bolt Pro with an accelerator pedal and other features for extra money. The highlight of this bike is how much fun it is to ride. You can increase the speed to 45km / h by removing the speed limiter on the smartphone app. At night it is mostly 15mph. With a small bike, the ride quality is more like that of a scooter than a traditional bike. The adrenaline flows at 18 mph. This electric bike is powered by a 250W hub motor in the rear. Provides enough zoom for flat surfaces. The hills are difficult to climb, especially for heavy riders. If you are planning to ride an electric bike on hilly terrain, consider Bolt Pro.

There are rear disc brakes for braking. Just stop, but we prefer the front and rear brakes. The front brake has more power to stop each wheel than the rear brake. We understand that compromises have been made to keep the costs of this tour low and that was one of the hiccups.

9. EMongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Mountain Bike

If you want to find the best mountain bikes at a reasonable price, one of the initials for Dolomite mountain bike fat tires is Mongo Dolomite fat tire.

Everyone knows the local authorities’ ability to build beautiful mountain bikes.

This bike has many dynamic features that make it suitable for options such as mountain biking on demand and overall is a quality MTB for heavy riders.

Mountain bikes love the Dolomites and give them the power they need to ride efficiently off-road.

These great off-road bikes are suitable for heavy riders in all areas without fear of wheels. Plus, the large 26-inch wheels help cyclists roll over rocks and other obstacles quickly.

With a sturdy dolomite steel frame, this bike gives you the strength and flexibility you need to tackle tough and challenging climbs, giving you complete control over the bike.

The Dolomite 7 features a rear derailleur and a dual disc brake system that stops when needed to ensure smooth shifting and speeds.

The bike is available in various colors and is suitable for 5’6 ” to 6 ‘tall riders. It is almost completely assembled and it takes little or no time to explore the mountain.

What to consider if you buy electric bikes for under $ 500

Buying an electric bike without $ 500 is tricky because it’s a tighter budget for this place. I have mentioned some features you should consider before choosing a bike for yourself.

Motor power

Two numbers are important when it comes to the power of an electric bike: energy consumption and torque. Think of power like the power of a car. A bike with a high-output motor is better for steep climbs and can also run in cooler temperatures on small hills than a low-power motor. If you want to get off the road fast, you need a high torque electric bike. More torque is also useful for off-road drivers as it allows for faster acceleration on rough terrain. Using a high torque motor and rear-wheel drive motor can sometimes cause unwanted vibrations.

Motor type

There are three types of motors that you will find on electric bikes: rear differential, mid-motor, and front differential. For under $ 500, you’ll likely only find rear-wheel drive motorcycles. Front differential engines are reliable and fast, but their performance is limited as they can easily lose traction. The front wheel hub also generates unusual traction and gives it a special gyroscopic feel at high speeds.

The rear hub weighs down the rear wheel more, allowing it to withstand more forces without losing traction. This hub also creates natural traction and gives the rider more feel. Some disadvantages of rear differential motors: they are more difficult to maintain before installation.

Riding types

There are two types of electric bike riding: throttle / electric-only mode and pedal assist mode. Many electric bikes give you the option to use both modes, but the electric mode is usually limited to 20km / h. Some models only have an assisted pedaling mode. So if you want the bike to have electric mode, check the manufacturer’s specifications carefully before making your decision.


The electric bike battery is one of its most important parts and there are a few things to consider when buying one. You want to know how much battery you need because that, along with the size of the motor, will determine the size of the wheel. Most manufacturers describe the model range, so take a look before making your decision. Batteries have an approximate number of charge cycles before they are damaged. Some have 500 and others up to 900. So if you want the battery to last for several years, consider the charging capacity. Some batteries are removable. This is a valuable feature if you have to ride the bike while the battery is charging. Anyone driving in rainy weather should look for a battery that doesn’t hold water.


When we talk about groups we talk about the transport of electric bikes. Some of the electric bikes at this price point will be powered by a Shimano groupset, which is good because it is one of the more well-known brands and is considered to be reliable and affordable. The more group relationships there are, the more the bike can handle, especially in pedal mode. If you are driving downhill and choose 21 speeds instead of 6, you may find a better gear for the effort you are trying to put in.

Brake System

At this price, you can choose between two brake systems: mechanical disc brakes and V brakes. V brakes are cheaper, easier to maintain, and won’t overload the hubs or spokes. But in terms of performance, they don’t perform like discs in wet or muddy conditions. Although disc brakes provide smoother performance, they are heavier and more expensive than V brakes.

Additional Features

Anyone riding a bicycle or train might be interested in a complex model. Folding electric bikes are also a good option for people who don’t have a lot of space at home. Most electric bicycles have some sort of battery indicator for their devices, but some devices show more information than others, such as speed, distance traveled, and range left. Finally, if you often ride at dusk or at night, a bike with integrated front and rear lights is worth checking out.


How long the battery of an electric bicycle lasts?

How to charge and use an electric bicycle battery has a big impact on your life. In general, the battery of a new electric bicycle can last from 2 to 5 years.

Can you charge E-bikes when paddling?

Some electric bikes can charge the battery by pressing the pedals, which is great. You can also find bikes with regenerative braking, but most electric bikes are not.

Can You ride Without a Battery?

Yes, the electric bike works without a battery, but the journey is more difficult due to the additional weight of the motor.

Do You Need a License To Ride An Electric Bike?

E-bikes that meet your country’s specific technical requirements generally don’t need to be registered or insured. Legal requirements for individual states can be found here.


We know it can be difficult to choose an electric bike among the many options. After reading our tips, we hope your problem is solved. These detailed reviews and buying guides make it easy to find the option that fits your needs. If you’re on a big budget, you can also find a list of the best electric bikes under $1500.

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