How to wash your face with eyelash extensions 2022

Your Guide to ‘How to Cleanse your Face using Eyelash Extensions?’

Eyelash Extensions are an extremely high upkeep beauty procedure. They require very gentle treatment to allow them to live for a longer time and remain in good shape. This article will show you how to wash your face using eyelash extensions. In addition, you will learn how to wash your face makeup using your extensions, and the products you can use to do the extensions. 

How to Wash Your Face with Eyelash Extensions Properly?

In this article, you will learn how to clean your face properly so the extensions of your eyes will be cleaned up. They also are also longer-lasting. The final step you must take is for those who regularly use cosmetics on your face or suffer from oily skin, ensure that you stick around until the end to learn the final step. 

What is the best way to wash your face using Eyelash Extensions? 

how to wash your face with eyelash extensions 2022

Today we’ll discuss how to clean your face if you’ve got eyelash extensions. Let’s get started and be sure to follow the steps following a particular order. This means that you’re not going to be washing your face in the usual way, where you’re using water and applying it on your face. What you need to do is. You have to divide your face into two sections. The first one is to take the first part, which is the lower portion of your face starting from the cheekbone downwards. 

The first step towards : ‘How To Wash Your Face with Eyelash Extensions?’

One of the first things to apply for your skin is an eye cleanser. This is usually using a water-based gel that foams. We do not recommend using a cream-based cleanser since cream-based cleansers are usually made for those with dry skin. 

Therefore, they leave many emollients over the face. So, it is important to apply an oil-based foaming cleanser. You must make it into an emulsifying. Cleanse your face down to the cheekbones. Then, you perform the cleansing, and it takes off sunscreen, makeup pollution, environmental pollutants sweat, dirt, and oil. Then, you need to clean it again.

 If you’ve ever witnessed your bass wipe off your skin with a tissue, then was looking at your towel, and saw that you still had makeup, which is why it is necessary to wash it twice. Now, you’re going to wash your face and clean it again. This is the first part of that is the lower part of the face. 

The second step towards : How to wash your face with Eyelash Extensions?’

The second part starts from your eyebrow line to the temples. How you’ll accomplish this isn’t exactly common. Your skin will be dry, so you’ll have to mix your cleanser with a creamy foam with care. Apply it to the brow line and on your temples. 

Instead of sprinkling water all over your face, it will disperse the water cleanser, dirt and oil will flow down on your extensions. What you’ll do is make use of the round face sponge. The way to wash off or scrub off the brow line, you’re going to use a round face sponge. There are a variety of sizes to choose from. What you must do is place it in the faucet, and then get them wet. 

After that, squeeze it to see to remove excess water. What you’ll do with the sponge that is wet is to grab it and use it to sludge off the space. Place it under the sink, rinse, squeeze, and then repeat. It is possible that you will require another round facial sponge for the eye region around your eyes. 

This way, it won’t be able to absorb any other makeup that isn’t on your forehead. What you need to do is apply it to your face and then apply the sponge to the eyelash line. Check right underneath your lash line and wipe it down.

You would like to clean this entire area. If you do this with the use of a washcloth could cause it to accidentally scratch against the extensions of your eyelashes. If you own an oval facial sponge, you are able to apply it effectively and precisely around the eyelids. 

The Final Step- Application of The Protectant Sealer

Now, the final and most important step is applying a sealer to protect your face. 
If you notice the last part of this, it’s the mascara wand, it’s actually an actual manicure brush. You must take it out, and what you’re going to do with it is you’ll draw an extremely thin line. It’s like applying liquid eyeliner to the lash line on top and lower lash.

This means that it’s not going to the lashes but instead into the lash line, and it’s because this is the area where your tiny sebaceous glands reside. It is where oil gets put on your lashes to ensure they remain soft and soft. After cleansing the face, and then applying eye gel, apply your moisturizing cream. 

If you’re using moisturizer, make sure that it’s applied from the cheekbones to above your eyebrow line. Be careful not to cover the entire area as some of it could as heat increases, it will move a bit higher up.

 Therefore, the final step is to apply the sealer protector. On your lash line. This keeps the oil from getting on the eyelashes. Since when the natural oil begins to enter the extensions of your eyelashes, all makeup-related environmental contaminants dust, and dirt end up onto your lashes. This is basically stopping from happening. 

There are other sealers with an eyelash wand end. This means that you can apply it directly to your extensions. We don’t recommend those since they begin to fall off and it appears like dried glue from Elmer’s on your eyelashes. 

Personally, We don’t like this one. It’s not dealing with the fact that the oils come through the line of your lashes, and not directly on the lashes. They’re highly efficient. Particularly if you apply many products to your face. If you suffer from oily skin or an active life. This means that you’re in the pool a lot, or are sizing or exposing yourself to the outdoor environment. This is an excellent product to extend the life that your eyelash extensions last.

How to Shower With Eyelash Extensions?

In this article, we’ll discuss the best way to shower with your eyelashes. It’s not ideal to be in the middle of running water with a constant stream of water in your eyelashes. This includes the oils that come from your scalp. Shampoo and conditioner are great for you are in the shower, you should be careful not to splash water onto your face. The best option is to protect your face using bags of plastic or whatever you’re comfortable with. You can then shower using extensions for your eyelashes.


We’ll go over. If you have oily skin or utilize a lot of cosmetics, We would highly recommend the eyelash extension sealer. If you don’t utilize lots of products that you don’t need at all. It is essential to clean the eyelashes regularly on a daily basis to keep the dirt that gets on our eyelashes. It keeps them fresh and soft. 

That’s why, we recommend it and if you’re a side sleeper or stomach sleeper, your eyelashes tend to drop off fast due to obvious reasons. Therefore, try sleeping on your back to get better results. 

How Do You Remove Lash Extensions at home? 

Final Words

So, dear readers, this is the best method that you could possibly go for “how to wash your face with eyelash extensions” For more questions concerning any product, do not be hesitant to post a comment in the section of comments below!

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