How To Clean Hey Dude Shoes in 2022

Hey Dude’ Shoes is a company that is dedicated to providing the most comfortable shoes. They don’t just offer men’s products, but they also sell footwear for children and women. In addition, they offer a selection of insoles, some of which are vegan-friendly.

HEY DUDE History:

‘Hey Dudes’ Shoes was established in the year 2008. It was founded in Italy The brand finally was launched at the beginning of 2009. Then, they opened their very first U.S. branch in the spring of 2010. In the years since, they’ve extended their reach into Europe, Eastern Asia, and South America. In 2011, they’d sold over 1 million pairs of footwear around the world.

Today, their merchandise can be found in various stores like Zappos, Dillard’s Schools, Glik’s, and more. Of course, you can purchase them via their website.

HEY DUDE Products:

How To Clean Hey Dude Shoes in 2022

The company offers a wide range of shoes, including slip-ons sandals, boots, and sneakers. They recently released the Mistral collection that is specifically designed for water sports. It not only dries quickly, but it has a mesh sole that allows water to flow without restriction.

One of their major selling features is the price. In other words, the shoes are extremely affordable. It’s less than 60 dollars for a pair of slip-ons, and about forty dollars to buy a pair of sneakers. Additionally, their items are on sale often. They even have an ongoing sales section on their site that is available to browse!

How To Take Care of HEY DUDE Shoes?

You’re probably thinking “what is that regarding high-quality?”. It’s good to know that their shoes are designed to last. They aren’t going to break down after only several weeks. In fact, you’ll be able to squeeze at least two years from them — that is provided you care for them.

Also, it is important to put on your shoes properly. For instance, don’t be lazy and put your heel to the back of your foot, as it could easily cause warping and bends in the fabric. Another thing to take care of is washing. You should definitely be washing them often, and there is no way to put them in the washer along together with your clothes. These kinds of things can cause the shoes to wear out prematurely.

Are you looking for the most effective method of washing them? If yes, then you’re in luck because that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing in this article.

Materials Used by Hey Dude Shoes

Before we look at the washing directions Let’s look at the types of materials they choose to use to make their footwear. This is one aspect that decides the method of washing an object. For instance, you don’t think of putting an item of footwear in the washer if they’re made out of leather.


‘Hey Dude’ recently developed a new material known as Flexwood that is made from real wood. Repurposed from Flexwood and paired with hand-picked veneers, giving a unique appearance. Additionally, part of the profits goes to Kiwi’s For Kiwi the charity which aims to help Kiwi conservation projects.

Coco Soul

Coco Soul is the product that they use to make insoles. Particularly, it’s utilized in the insoles which come with their flexible wood shoes. It is made of cork real They’re coated by coconut oil to ensure freshness. The cork is not made from animal byproducts.

Eco Knit

Their Eco-Knit line is constructed out of recycled “environmental garbage.” That’s right they’re composed of 100 percent recycled fiber. They’re making a contribution to reversing the issue of plastic pollution. In terms of material, it’s not just soft, but also durable too, just like their other footwear.

How to Clean Hey Dude, Slip On Your Shoes

Hey Dude is perhaps best recognized by their slip-ons. Like all shoes, they’ll require to be cleaned every now and then. The reason? The material is likely to get filthy from usage. This is particularly the case in the event that you do not wear socks (which is typically the situation with slip-ons) because the sweat of your feet is absorbed by the shoes.

There are several ways to clean them. We’ll go over the methods of how to wash hey dude shoes in the next section.

Using washing Machine

Do You Have the Ability to Put Hey Dude Slip-Ons into the washing machine?

Yes Sure, Hey Dude footwear can easily be tossed in the washer. Before doing so make sure to get rid of all surface dirt or dust. It’s possible to do this using an easy bristle brush. It’s essential to stay clear of brushes with bristles that are hard as they can cause damage to the upper. For the soles, you can press them with your fingers to get rid of the debris.

Once you’ve finished all that, you can put them into the mesh bag of your laundry and place them in a storage bin. A pillowcase, so in the event that it’s wide enough, is also a good option. To ensure the best results, don’t clean the shoes using clothes. Instead, separate the shoes into two loads. You can also put some towels inside to distribute the weight. It’s actually highly advised. If you don’t there’s a chance that your shoes will smack around, which could cause damage to the interior part of the device.

Then, set your wash machine on the softest setting. Be sure the water is cool otherwise, you could risk damage to your shoes. Make sure the washer is about half empty before adding another scoop full of active detergent. After that, wait until the washer is full to put your Slip-ons (in the bag for washing) into the washer. Use nothing other than detergent, which includes bleach and fabric softeners.

Notice: The insoles should be removed before washing so that you can wash them in a separate manner. You can soak them with soap or place them in the washer along with the shoes inside an additional mesh laundry bag.

Remove the shoes once the cycle is completed. Don’t leave them in the water, or else you’ll need to wash them once more. In terms of drying the most effective method is drying them in the sunlight (not in intense sunlight). This will stop the shoes from becoming damaged in the drying process. The sun’s rays also aid in killing any bacteria within your shoes.

Wash By Hand

The Hand Washing Route for Dude Slip-On Shoes Dude Slide-On Shoe

It is also possible to clean your shoes using a hand. Like machine washing, you need to begin by getting rid of all dust and dirt using an easy bristle brush. After that remove the insoles. Next, fill up a container or sink cold water, about half full. Add one heaping scoop of ACTIVE detergent and swirl until soap suds appear.

Put the slip-ons into the sink, and scrub them with a soft-bristled brush to eliminate the dirt and stain. Once you’re done, leave them to sit for a minimum of 30 minutes. Insoles can be cleaned using the same solution. Just put them inside the shoe.

The next step after washing is to rinse the slip-ons with water. In order to do that, you need to take the slip-ons, and then place them in running water. Keep rinsing until the water is no longer viscous. Similar to the insoles. After they’ve been cleaned then let them hang dry outside in the sunshine. Don’t put them in dryers. It is possible to stuff the shoes with newspaper to speed up the process if you need to.

How to Remove Odor Hey Dude Shoes?

There’s a good chance that your footwear will develop a certain type of odor after some time. It’s not a problem, it’s just normal. Here are some ways you can address this issue.

Baking Soda Deodorizing

Baking soda can be used to remove odor from the interiors of your Hey Dude shoes. Simply add it to your shoes and allow it to sit overnight. You can then dump the powder the following morning. Alternately, you can place it in a sachet, or plastic bag. This means you don’t have to worry about ruining your shoe from the powder.

Rub the inside using White Vinegar

White vinegar is a great deodorizer. It’s not recommended to pour it directly on your footwear as this could cause damage to it. What you should do is swab the inside of the shoe with the liquid. For this, use a damp cloth to soak in the vinegar. To do this, don’t use balsamic vinegar and apple cider vinegar because both may cause staining. It is not necessary to rinse, just let your shoes dry in the air afterward. You can fill it with newspaper to absorb the water.

Make use of Dryer Sheets

Are you able to find dryer sheets around? Use them to eliminate the smell of your shoes! Put one of them in each shoe and put them overnight. Then, take the sheets out and dispose of them in the garbage in the morning. To get the most effective results, choose ones with a scent. They can also be unscented, but they will not make your shoes smell fresh.

Add the slip-ons to the Freezer

You might be surprised to learn that you can actually refresh your footwear by placing these into the freezer. Be sure to place the shoes in plastic bags before placing them, however, as you don’t want to make the freezer smell dirty. The way it works will be that cold temperatures will kill the bacteria that cause odor in the shoes.

Tips to Cut Down on Shoe Odor

Here are some suggestions that you can do to lessen the smell of your feet.

  1. Don’t wear the identical pair of shoes two days in a row to ensure that they dry appropriately
  2. Always wear socks while wearing Hey Dude shoes–they’ll absorb the sweat, not your shoes.
  3. Make sure to air out your shoes after every wear
  4. You can try using a deodorizing shoe powder or spray following each use
  5. Choose footwear made from non-breathable materials
  6. Dry your feet well after you’ve washed them

How do I Deodorize the shoes using tea Bags

The most effective method to eliminate the smell of hey dude shoes is to place tea bags inside your shoes. You can select any flavor tea bag and then wait some time to see the results. Put 2 tea bags in each shoe to remove odor.

Final words

Now you have learned the multiple methods of how to wash hey dude shoes and will be able to take care of your shoes in a better manner. It is crucial to maintain your shoes because it will not only ensure that they look like new, but also prolong the lifespan of your footwear and is a fantastic incentive!

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