7 Best rubber hunting boots for wide feet 2022 (Top 7 Reviewed)

Do you do a lot of hunting? Do you have wide feet? If you answered yes to these questions, then you probably know shoes are always uncomfortable. After hunting for an hour or two, you will feel so much pain that you will not be able to move. Therefore, you should research the best hunting boots for wide feet that are currently available.

List Of 7 Best rubber hunting boots for wide feet reviewed in 2022

This blog will reviews & guides you some of the best rubber hunting boots that you try in 2022.

1.Kenetrek Men’s Mountain Extreme Ni Hunting Boots

Best rubber hunting boots for wide feet

Most of the time, the company produces shoes for sale in standard and wide shoes. Most hunters want to wear shoes all the time, but some prefer wide boots.

If you can’t find the right one for your feet, you could end your hunting trip in time.
Many well-known and well-known companies produce the best hunting boots for those with wide feet.

2. Irish Setter Men’s 2875 Vaprtrek

Best rubber hunting boots for wide feet

Another product on our recommendation is other Irish Setter boots, and these are their men’s 2875 Vaprtrek waterproof 17 ″ Irish Setter hunting boots. The most important feature of the shoes is the “snake bite protection,” which is very important for hunting athletes because they are often bitten by snake feet in the deep forest. This is a serious injury, and not every boat will provide what the shoes offer.

Snakeguard is made of non-woven material, a mixture of leather or nylon to prevent teeth, thorns, sharp objects, and hard elements from reaching the boat’s top.

These hunting boots come in a wide size and provide maximum comfort to your wide feet. The Cushion Comfort tongue reduces the pressure that some hunters feel on the skin from the upper tongue of the shoe. Four-way stretch nylon and refurbished waffle mesh give you first-class flexibility and cushioning.

3. LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ 800G Waterproof Hunting Boots

Best rubber hunting boots for wide feet

Say goodbye to your uncomfortable tight boots and introduce us to the waterproof hunting boots LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18 ″ 800G. If you want to “run light and hunt with confidence,” these exclusive boots may be the best hunting boots for wide-legged hunters.

The first thing you will notice about these hunting boots is the body with the GORE OPTIFADE Elevated-II camouflage pattern. This part of the camouflage is friendly to the animal’s eyes, and therefore animals do not know you as predators. Tall cow boots are 18 “long. Despite their large size, the shoes are relatively light.

The construction of the shoes bears the designation “Alpha Construction.” 3.5 mm insulating neoprene provides strength and flexibility. The top, made of 100% natural odorless rubber with neoprene, is placed on the hands of the shoe and guarantees complete waterproof protection. All these carefree ingredients in no way reduce the comfort of the shoes. The quick-drying embossed jersey insert increases the air circulation in the room and removes moisture.

4.  LABO Men’s Brown10 Winter Snow Hunting Boots For Wide Feet

Best rubber hunting boots for wide feet

LABO Men’s Brown10 winter hunting boots come in various styles and are good for your feet, and the leather style makes them sturdy and elegant. This one-time commitment will take you a lot of time, and you will follow many hunting expeditions. They come with a rubber sole that is more durable and makes it easier to bend the shoes the way you want. They have a traditional lacing style that can be freely changed.

Another unique advantage of these shoes is their absolute water resistance. This means that all moisture is suppressed. In addition, the feet remain completely dry and comfortable, thanks to the waterproof vulcanized rubber coating. The shank of these shoes is 10 inches long. Heel height is about 10 centimeters. They are also greasy and non-corrosive, which can put snow or dirt on your feet. However, they cannot breathe because their feet sweat when the weather is wet.

5.  XPETI Women’s Thermador Mid High

Best rubber hunting boots for wide feet

If you haven’t found hunting boots for people with a wide foot & on a limited budget, many more or less well-known companies produce many hunting boots that you can get at a low price. One of the boot that is with high quality and lesser price are XPETI Women’s Thermador Mid High Boots.

This pair of waterproof boots from XPETI will have you strutting your stuff down any street. The Thermador Mid High Boots are made from premium textiles that provide comfort, style, and durability. It features a waterproof mesh upper and a Hydroshield membrane waterproof, which will keep your feet completely dry.

The rubber toe cap and outsole offer great impact protection, while the molded TPU ankle support provides cushioning to help ease strains and pains. The ankle boot design is flexible with a supportive cushioning design so that you can walk with confidence in any situation. Feet feel fresh in the soft and comfortable Moisture-wicking mesh lining. Choose the XPETI Thermador Mid High Top Boots and take on the world in style!

6.   MuckBoots Camo Camp Hunting Hunting Boots For Wide Feet

Best rubber hunting boots for wide feet

If you are looking for the best hunting boots for wide feet, these boots are for you. This design keeps your feet warm and dry even if your feet are at lower or high temperatures. You can also take advantage of durable rubber products. It is designed like a knee. These boots are specially designed for hunting, requiring a long distance to cover.

For this reason, you should expect these shoes to be comfortable. It offers maximum comfort to all who wear it. Protect your feet even with a high heel. Its antiseptic properties also keep out moisture and odor-causing germs!

A socket liner with ETC technology allows for excellent performance in mind. The same role also reduces heat generation. You’ll love these shoes with a lightweight EVA midsole and outsole. This styling configuration helps and makes these elements more flexible. Everything is offered at a very attractive price. One of the largest chase boats on the market today. However, this is a good option if you have very wide feet

7.    Irish Setter Men’s 860 Elk Tracker Hunting Boots For Wide Feet

Best rubber hunting boots for wide feet

No matter the difficulty, the Irish Setter 860 has everything you need. The boots offer high performance and intensive use, even on flat ground. It also features premium Thinsulate Ultra insulation to keep your feet toasty and toasty even on frigid searches. Along with these special features, the boots also come with GORE-TEX stability to ensure your feet are bone-dry even in harsh environments.

The GORE-TEX membrane is used for hunting boots, evaporating moisture from the inside and blocking moisture from the outside. Gore-Tex has over 9 billion pores per square inch to keep water off your feet. The material keeps water out of the boot, and the wet nylon keeps it out.

Based on the earnings, the Irish Setter designed the boot with a Bulls-Eye Air Bob outsole, so different from other boots they had worn in the past. ScentBan technology is applied to skin, sandals, and slippers to eliminate odors. These sandals hide the smell.

How to Choose the Best Hunting Boots For Wide Feet?

When hunting or hiking, the environment can change over time. With the right style of boot, you can adapt to these situations. However, there are many things to consider before purchasing good hunting boots. To get the simplest and most stable pair, you need to take these assumptions seriously.


The boot’s material is made of is one of the most important features to consider. Indeed, the fabric determines the boot’s comfort, durability, and water resistance. Shoes are made of different fabrics. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see.

Neoprene – a. It is a fine foam that acts as an insulator. It is better to avoid absorbing heat and water on the feet. However, it is not a breathable material. It is also suitable for hunting in cold weather when breathing is not essential.

Leather: The pioneer material for many hunting boots is leather. They are strong and can defend the foot quite well. Products that use full skin and world-class products work better than the competition. Thanks to its breathability, it is best to use it in the dry season. But you still have to pay attention to water protection! Leather shoes also weaken these items.

Rubber: If you plan to use it underwater, you can choose rubber boots for hunting. 100% waterproof, thanks to the rubber design. No Gore-Tex liner is needed to protect against water. Additionally, rubber is the perfect home for women’s hunting boots.

the key

Many people don’t think about good hunting boots when looking for them. However, it is only as important as other characteristics. A few pairs of non-protective and protective boots you need in winter. Your elevation also determines how long you can get out of the water when crossing the bush. This is why the minimum height for hunting boots is 8 inches.


The sole is important because it supports the load on the whole body. Hunting usually requires ups and downs. That is why the foundation must be stable. Remember to make sure the base has good adhesion.


Wearing small supports will go the distance but cause blisters. High-heeled shoes are useful for long journeys.

The steel shank is well suited for rough terrain such as mountains. Absorbs most abuse. However, this type of support adds extra weight.


Insulation is a top priority for many hunters when choosing hiking boots. For convenience, this is important. It helps you deal with many situations in the outdoor environment. For example, you might need a pair of hunting boots. These boots generally need a lot of insulation in near cold areas. Generally, running requires fewer sandals. This process will increase the heat. Wearing thick sandals can be painful and difficult.


Not all hunts require crossing lakes and other bodies of water. However, waterproofing is not limited to this. Hunting boots with a lack of water will prevent moisture from getting on your feet.

This humidity is one of the most fragrant, especially for long-distance hunting! Hunting is also exposed to humidity. It is independent of environment, climate and hunting. You need hunting boots that can save you from these problems. Hunting boots are normally equipped with a waterproof upper. However, if you want the highest level of waterproofing, you can opt for shoes with Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex is a premium water protection certification in the hunting industry. This will allow moisture to escape from the boot. In addition, the shoes offer so much more. The Final Thought of the Best Hunting Boots

If you love hunting, hunting boots are one of the most important things you should buy. We encourage you to pursue your interests while covering multiple areas easily. It’s also comfortable on long rides and protects your feet from rocks.

We also know that there are many options for these shoes. Hunting boots come in many shapes and sizes. Before researching a market, you must first think about the products listed. These hunting boots have been refurbished and tested by experienced hunters. We hope this guide will help you buy the best shoes.


Do you wear these hunting boots as work boots?

The boots we have presented in this article have one specific common feature: comfortability. These boots also have a good protection level, and they are all waterproof. But do keep in mind, if you work in a chemical-containing workplace, it would be better if you do not wear these particular ones. If you are someone who works in a factory- standing all day, in a construction site, a mechanic or a farmer, a rancher, or even a fisherman, you can undoubtedly wear these hunting boots as work boots.

It won’t hurt your feet after a long tiring day. The moisture inside the boots will be balanced and keep your feet dry and clean. None of the boots are solely made to be used for hunting only. So, yes, you can surely wear these hunting boots as work boots.

Can you use these hunting boots in rain and snow?

Yes, you can wear hunting boots in rain and snow. These hunting boots are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about rainwater penetrating the boots. The rubber outsoles and leather uppers make these boots resistant to water. Your feet will be dry even if you stand in water (up to the length of your boots) for hours. The boots that are mentioned above are great for any weather, and that includes snowy winter. If you read all the boots reviews thoroughly, you will understand some of them are more suitable for snow than others. But that doesn’t mean they are avoidable for snow.

If you wear woolen or thick socks inside the boots, you can wear them if you plan to step on snowy roads, lands, or mountains and keep your feet warm during your hunting.

Do all boots come with steel toes?

No, not all hunting boots come with steel toe protection. But that does not mean they do not have any toe protection. Hunting boots tend to have some toe protection in the forefeet areas. The boots we have listed have multiple layers of rubber and other insulation made of strong materials to keep your feet safe from danger. As they are specifically hunting boots, they will protect your feet (toe to calf) from any external threat, pain, or injury, including your toes. As long as there is no possibility of heavy objects falling on your toes, these mentioned boots will do the job.

4. Do you need to size up when buying hunting boots?

It mostly depends on manufacturers. Typically hunters choose boots that have free space inside the boot. It does not mean that you have to size up all time. If you feel comfortable walking and running in the same size, you wear it in your everyday life, and it will not need to size up your boots.


Who doesn’t want a pair of boots that can make your hunting trip unforgettable? Strong, durable, and good-quality hunting boots can change your overall experience when you walk in the forest and mountain areas. To help you get your dream pairs of hunting boots, we have developed these super standard hunting boots’ suggestions. All of these boots come in almost all sizes so that you can find the best fit.

On a more important note, the boots we mentioned also offer wider versions for those with wider feet. Having wider feet is normal. If shopping for hunting boots was difficult before, worry no more, you have come to the right place. The reviews are well-researched and informative enough to make your shopping easier for the perfect hunting boots for your wide feet.

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