10 Best cowboy boots for plantar fasciitis (For Men and Women 2022)

There are several ways to buy the best cowboy boots for plantar fasciitis. Western boots usually have a break time, so choosing a target that creates comfort is important. This type of cowboy boot uses a flexible material and adds padding where you need it, reducing downtime.

People with plantar fasciitis often have ankle pain and may need a brace in some cases. According to the Mayo Clinic, prolonged standing can lead to plantar fasciitis, stinging pain in the ankle. A good way to avoid this pain is to choose boots that provide adequate cushioning and shock to your feet.

List of Top 5 Best cowboy boots for Men with plantar fasciitis in 2022

1. Dan Post Men’s Sidewinder Western Dancing Boot

Best cowboy boots for plantar fasciitis for men

Get a step up in the style department with the Dan Post Men’s Sidewinder Western Boot. Created with a wonderfully rich tan leather upper, the Sidewinder features a stylish embroidered stitch pattern.

The comfort, durability, and quality are all backed by the Dan Post name, so you know you’re getting a great boot! The 3-Part Ultimate Flex Insole is breathable, shock-absorbing, and completely removable, while the cork-lined footbed and padded collar will keep your feet comfortable.

This boot has the look and feels of a dress boot, but it’s a great choice for dancing. Whether you choose to wear them for an event, or your everyday routine, the Sidewinder will be a great choice. Dress them up or dress them down!

2. Ariat Men’s WorkHog Wide Square Steel Toe Work Boot

Best cowboy boots for plantar fasciitis

The ultimate pair of Ariat boots are for the man with plantar fasciitis who wants a comfortable western-style steel-toe work boot. The WorkHog isn’t the best boot in this guide, but it offers the best protection for your feet with ASTM-approved steel toes (ASTM F2413-11 MI/75 C/75 EH). Also, if you want to cross over to the steel toe, carbon, composite, and standard toe WorkHog boots are available, but you’ll want to go with the ASTM steel toe version if you’re into construction.

The WorkHog boot features Ariat’s premium ATS Max technology, adding an extra layer of safety and impact protection. A major modification of the ATS Max technology not found in the standard ATS technology models is the EVA midsole, a major addition to the forefoot and ankle stabilizers, and the Duratread outsole oil and non-slip works with. Everywhere. One last thing we want to point out is the patented Ariat U-Turn entry system. The beauty of this feature is the addition of an adjustable Gore panel at the rear, which makes it easy to turn the boot on and off on any foot. And the real beauty is that you can do this without disturbing the boot’s fit.

3. Durango Rebel Patriotic Pull-On Western Flag Boot

Best cowboy boots for plantar fasciitis

The Durango Men Rebel boots are essential. There is a wide box that does not limit your feet. In addition, the embroidered flag on the side can evoke a feeling of love, strengthening the west.

They design the boots using a welt material and a double-stitched machine that promises the highest quality. These shoes are worth the money and you can be wear them for many years after the purchase. These sandals offer maximum comfort and provide excellent foot support. The shoes provide warmth and comfort to your feet and allow you to take your feet off. If you have a custom corset, you can choose it.

These boots are lightweight and help maintain a steady gait and reduce foot fatigue.

4. ARIAT Rambler Men’s Western cowboy Boot

Best cowboy boots for plantar fasciitis

Ariat Rambler is the best choice for classic-style cowboy boots. you can wear them for riding or everyday use and also for daily work.

The Special design of these boots keeps your feet stable, reduces fatigue, and maintains good posture.

Ariat’s advanced ATS Technology composite fiber fork stem provides superior, stable support. The removable gel-cushion insole adds comfort and wicks away moisture.

5. Justin Original Men’s Stampede Pull-On Square Toe Work Boot

Best cowboy boots for plantar fasciitis

The Justin Original Work Boots Men’s Stampede Boot is made to be tough yet versatile. The work boots are made with a J-flex comfort system and an oil-resistant rubber sole that can withstand rough jobs and conditions.

The classic American-made Original Work Boots are versatile and perfect for almost any job. They include a solid rectangular toe and are available in a wide size range. The Original Work Boots are comfortable, strong and affordable, and you can wear them for longer period of time. They are available in a range of colours, including black, brown, tan, grey, red and blue.

List of Top 5 Best cowboy boots for Women with plantar fasciitis in 2022

1. Frye Women’s Billy Pull On Western Boot

Best cowboy boots for plantar fasciitis for women

Some women need to pay more attention to the design of their boots instead of worrying about whether the boots can hurt their feet. Fry designs high-end sandals to meet their fashion and comfort needs. So with a pair of stylish and comfortable cowboy boots, you can count on your outdoor fun.

The upper and the outsole are synthetic leather to bring harmony by adding luxury and softness. While the heel is leather to match the rest of the boot, the rubber riser provides stability in several ways. With classic designs such as lace-up straps and leather lining, these sandals are the most stylish when you step out with more confidence.

They also have many suitable options in different colors. Combine with leggings or jeans for the perfect look.It has a memory foam insole for extra support and comfort for the foot. The sandals feel tight and uncomfortable when you first put them on, but they are stretchy enough to fit perfectly when you put them on. So be sure to order your size first without worrying about cramping your foot.

2. Ariat Fatbaby Western Boot – Women’s Leather Western Boots

Best cowboy boots for plantar fasciitis

The best women’s cowboy boot to treat plantar fasciitis would be The Fatbaby II model. Before we get into the features that make it comfortable, it is important to note that tons of styles will suit every taste. In addition, although there aren’t any wide sizes offered for ladies with bare feet, these boots are suitable for large feet by sizing up.

The features that make these western boots among the most comfortable ones available include the cushioned four-layer footbed, the lightweight shank that stabilizes, Ariat ATS tech, and the sleek Pro Crepe Light outsoles. Ariat’s Advanced Torque Stability (ATS) technology assists in naturally improving posture and preventing fatigue in the feet.

The most important component of plantar fasciitis is the gel-cushioned footbed that includes a heel stabilizer that helps support your heel to absorb the impact. Alongside the ATS technology is The Pro Crepe Light outsole, that’s smaller and lighter than standard crepe outsoles. In addition, the Duratread heel allows you to remain secure on slippery surfaces, which can make the night out with your girlfriends or your hubby enjoyable.

3. Roper Women’s Sedona Western Boot

Best cowboy boots for plantar fasciitis

With the many cowboy boots, you will find different types of toes that have distinct features. If the needle toes are a source of fear due to the small space for comfort, choosing the right boots for the snip toe (slightly blunter compared with needle-toes) might be a good option. Roper offers this model with a stunning design and top quality for your review.

Others may be drawn to an all-over floral design with a metallic shine if you wear these boots. Two styles are black and white, and various colors are available for your selection. Each of them offers cute and feminine looks for the person wearing these. Pebbled faux leather is soft and makes the boots appear extravagant. Thermoplastic rubber outsoles are made from thermoplastic rubbers that are flexible and have toughness.

The boots are crafted with a soft synthetic lining to provide the most comfortable feel next to the skin. Additionally, the insoles come with cushioning to support the underfoot region. TPR outsoles also offer superior comfort and comfort over traditional leather soles. The needle toe could provide more space than the needle toe and a fashionable appearance.

4. Justin Boots Women’s Stampede

Best cowboy boots for plantar fasciitis

The city to the farm, Justin Stampede boots will keep you fashionable and your feet comfortable. Whether you’re going to an event or are juggling chores on the farm, you can be sure that these boots will complete the job. They are a perfect fit and comfortable , and you can wear them for years. Additionally, they are of low price, meaning that you will get the best value for your money.

They are constructed from durable, high-quality leather, providing plenty of protection for your feet. The leather has a softness and flexibility. So, you can easily break them in. They’re the best if you’re looking for cowgirl boots to treat plantar fasciitis.

Like other cowgirl boots by this brand, they are equipped with J-Flex’s comfort system that will provides you the plenty of support underfoot and cushioning. Indeed, some claim that they are the comfiest cowgirl shoes for women. However, Justin Stabilization technology ensures that your foot is in the right position in all situations, relieving strain and stress on your ankles and knees.

5. Laredo Womens Miss Kate Snip Toe Dress Boots

Laredo Miss Kate Laredo Miss Kate is great western boots for women who spend most of their time outside. If you’re partying with your friends or are riding horses on your ranch, these shoes are equipped with features that provide sufficient security and support for your feet. They feature leather uppers, and the shaft is 12 inches long, along with floral stitching and a western style. You can count on these boots to provide a timeless appearance and feel. The whole interior has a soft leather lining that helps prevent friction and other types of discomfort.
They come with insoles that are cushioned that help soften your steps. In addition, the outsoles made of composite provide solid traction while also ensuring flexibility, motion, and durable wear. They also come with side pull-on tabs specifically designed to make it more convenient when putting them on or taking them off. Also, with an opening in the boot around 14.5 inches, you’ll be able to tuck your jeans in easily, and your calves won’t be uncomfortable. You can wear them with dresses, jeans, or skirts, remaining distinct. In addition, they require minimal maintenance.

Western Boots Buyer’s Guide

Suppose you’ve decided to buy a pair of Western boots. In that case, you need to consider a variety of aspects to take into consideration to ensure that you’ll have an enjoyable, long-term partnership with the model that you select to purchase. Western boots come in a variety of styles, designs, and styles. Thus, what you like to your friend might not be the best fit for your requirements. For example, the cowboy boots designed for use in fashion may not be durable enough to endure the demands of farm work. In contrast, those designed for rodeo might not have the features required by riding horses. However, there are factors to consider when you select your pair of boots.

Different types of Western Boots

Classic western boots are most well-known. They have one and a half inches of heels, which are made to ensure your foot is safe on the saddle. The majority of cowboy boots designed for riding horses have a higher heel. But the lower heel makes it easier to walk around in these boots without feeling discomfort or pain. Western classical boots come with an upper that is approximately 12 inches. Some models have a high collar of 12 inches, and others extend to 13 inches, contingent on the brand. The shaft typically ends at the instep. In terms of design, classic western boots don’t come with laces. The toe box is strong enough to shield your toes whenever a horse tramples upon your feet. Additionally, most of them have side pull-on tabs to make it easy to take them off and on.


They are a possible variant of the traditional cowboy boots. But, their style tends to be more reminiscent of English horses riding shoes. Ropers are typically used in rodeos, in which the cowgirl or cowboy participates in calf roping events. The cowboy or cowgirl usually rides horses behind the calf. Once they’ve roped the calf, they remove themselves from the horse and continue to chase the calf until they have caught it. Because of this lengthy rope-roping procedure, ropers are constructed with a short heel. In reality, the ropers were specially created to make roping less stressful for the person performing.

Additionally, ropers usually have a larger sole. They also have rubber soles that provide a more secure grip. Contrary to the other western boots with a heel, the one in ropers has been squared instead of slightly angled. In terms of the shape of the toe, they are generally made with a round-toe design. It is important to note that some roper boots have the lace-up option and ankle support for more comfortable walking. If you’re working in the rodeo, you need to choose these shoes.

Stickman Boots

For the stockman boots made to be tough and durable. They come with a shorter and wider heel contrasted with western boots. This makes them ideal for those who don’t spend most of their time on horses. If you are spending a long period of walking or standing and are seeking boots for cowboys that match your way of life, then choose the stockman boots. Their low heel and broad platform offer you the balance and support you require to alleviate pain on your feet. They also have wide-toe boxes and rubber soles. In terms of fashion, stockman boots come with bright, intricate stitching that is reminiscent of the look of a traditional western boot.

Western Work Boots

If you’re looking for flexible, practical, and affordable western boots, you must choose Western work boots. They are less expensive than many other models because of the availability of low-cost cowhide. Their low cost could also be due to the small quantity of craftsmanship for the top. In terms of design, they are equipped with a heel similar to that of the roper. This means they are better designed for walking purposes and not for riding horses. They are mostly comprised of traction rubber. However, they may also have cushioned midsoles that provide effective shock absorption. The shafts range between 9 and 12 inches. The toe boxes are bent or tapered – to ensure the most comfortable walking experience.

Size, Comfort, and Fit

You’ll be more comfortable wearing your cowboy boots when they feel comfortable for your feet. So, it is important to be aware of the size and fitting very seriously. Western boots are designed differently. Additionally, the material utilized, design, and brand can affect the size, fit, and comfort. For example, one Ariat Size 8 boots will be different from an identical Justin pair of the same size. When buying boots, first, you need to consider the dimensions of the socks you’ll be wearing alongside the boots.

If you reside in hot climates or are planning to wear your boots in the summer, you require a pair of light socks. It is recommended to take a half size larger for an appropriate size. If you’re ordering your boots online, you must take the time to read the reviews of those who have bought these boots to gauge the size.

It is also important to ensure that the boots you’re buying will allow plenty of space for your feet and they won’t put pressure on your instep. After you receive your new shoes, take a walk around the room to assess what they’ll do to the different parts where your feet are located. They should not be too tight or loose around your heel.

Also, ensure that they don’t squeak your instep. Also, you should be aware that certain boots need an adjustment period. Don’t overthink that they are uncomfortable. If they’re still uncomfortable after 2 or 3 days, the chances are that they’re not the appropriate dimension for you. The good thing is that the majority of sellers on Amazon accept returns.

So, if the pair of shoes you purchased isn’t as comfortable for your feet as expected, you can return them and purchase another size. If the pair you have purchased is right for you, they’ll keep you comfy throughout the day, and you’ll never have complaints of irritations, blisters, hotspots, or any other type of discomfort.

Materials and Durability

Western boots that are available are made of various kinds of materials. Cowhide leather can be described as a frequently used material. Boots made from premium full-grain are durable and long-lasting. Additionally, leather also comes with properties that help you keep your feet fresh and cool. Another reason to consider boots made from leather is that they’re simple to keep. The cost will vary based on the type of leather you choose, along with the degree of design and style. Certain boots have been printed to look like snakeskin or alligator leather, so you’ll have fashionable boots with all the leather advantages. The price will also be based on the quality of stitching on the shaft and the upper.

Snakeskin western boots are popular. They are mostly designed to be fashionable and made from python skins. Western boots made from python skins have large tiles, whereas those made from rattle skins are made of smaller tiles. Boots made from real snakeskin can be quite costly. However, the cost is worth it for its uniqueness, durability, and fashion. There are also boots made from alligator skin. The main issue with boots made from animal skins is maintenance is very demanding. Therefore, it is best to buy alligator skin cowboy boots only for aesthetic reasons instead of farm or ranch work.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Western boots are made to stand up to the harshest conditions and can last for years. But that does not mean you have to ignore them. If you wish for your boots to be able to care for your feet over a long period, then you must be prepared to maintain them with regular maintenance and care. If your western boots were designed to be fashionable and you only wear them for a short period, then a few times a year may suffice to remain in good condition. However, when you spend a significant amount of time working in ranges, farms or ranches, you’ll need to keep your boots clean regularly. In addition to cleansing your footwear, it’s recommended to condition them to help restore their oils and keep them soft.

Method 1

Once your boots are on the way, waterproof them before putting on. It helps to shield your boots from the elements. Spread them out in an air-conditioned area before spraying them with silicone polymer spray. You can find the spray at most of the shoe shops and department stores. These waterproofing agents are most effective, due to its ability to work with various types of leather. But, make sure to read the label and the directions to ensure that you’re using it on the correct kind of footwear. First, coat and allow the shoes to dry. When they’re dry, apply another coat, and allow the coat another 30 minutes to dry. When the second coat has dried, your boots will be in good condition to wear. If you live in humid environments, be sure to protect your boots with waterproofing every couple of months.

Conditioning is also an essential aspect of maintaining. It assists in treating the leather while making it soft and flexible. Conditioning also help tos stop the boots from becoming dry out and cracking, which can prolong the life of your boots.

Method 2

Before you can condition your boots, be sure first to clean them and get rid of all dirt accumulated on the leather and the soles. If you’ve already used them and dirt or mud is covering the surface, then employ a soft-bristled brush to remove all the dirt. Then, follow up with a damp sponge to wash the surface. Make sure you pay attention to the areas of focus.

If your western boots are made of an edging of suede, keep them away from water. Instead, it would help if you used an aqueous sponge to remove the dirt off the surface. If the boots appear dirty even after wiping them down with an oiled towel, you must apply soap and water to wash away all dirt. After you’re sure they’re clean, give the boots time to dry out from direct sunlight.

Final Words

If you’re looking for western boots, there are several options. They are specifically designed for horse riding, while others are intended to look stylish, and the more versatile models can be utilized to make a statement in fashion or to perform tasks in the barn. Thus, it is essential to be sure to consider your needs and then select a model that is suitable for your needs.

Also, keep in mind that a good pair of boots won’t be inexpensive. They’re an investment, and you need to be sure to ensure they stay in shape and provide comfort. No matter what type you select, you should wear your boots with a style that reflects the cowboy or woman you’re. For one thing, western boots are not only for those who are a bit prickly.

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