Best ankle boots for walking in Europe 2022

If you’re heading to Europe and wondering what you should pack, then you’ll probably be thinking about what you should wear to your feet. Finding the perfect footwear for traveling to Europe is a vital part of packing. It isn’t easy to find the best ankle boots for walking in Europe that ensure your feet are comfortable after a day of walking through cobblestone streets, checking-out cloth outlets, and exploring historical sites.

If you spend a day exploring Europe, you can walk more than 10,000 steps! Your first priority would probably be to find the best ankle boots for walking in Europe, which are not just comfortable to your feet but also looks attractive.

Now you must be wondering what would be the most comfortable walking shoes to use in Europe? I’ve put together top 10 choices for the most comfortable shoes to travel to Europe. For any time of the year, you’re in as well as wherever your journeys may take you. I’ve picked a variety of European ankle booties , that are perfect for walking around Rome and the rainy day in London.

Based on my extensive research on the best travel shoes for Europe, I can guide you about the best ankle boots for walking in Europe in 2022, which you can pack in your luggage.

What type of shoes are best for walking in Europe?

A good pair of walking shoes for Europe is likely to have an arch Support, enough cushioning in the sole, and a flexible hold that keeps your feet comfortable during long hours of walking and exploring.

Best Women’s Shoes for Walking on Cobblestones

Without further delay, I’ll discuss the list of the top women’s shoes suitable for walking on cobblestones in Europe, ideal for any occasion regardless of the type of excursion you’re planning on making!

1.Lucky Brand Women’s Basel Ankle Bootie

Best ankle boots for walking in Europe

These brown ankle booties are a simple style but stylish at the same time. They feature a synthetic leather upper that will bring out the classic style. It comes with two zippers to make it easier to wear and off. With 1 1/2 inches of heels, it’s easy to appear taller and have longer legs. 

Also, with a cushioned insole, you can wear it all day long and take on any task without harming your feet. If you’re looking for something fashionable but straightforward and non-stressful for your feet, the Lucky Women’s Basel Boot is undoubtedly one of the best ankle boots made of brown on the market currently. 

Prices range between $26.19 to $157.00. It’s sure to be among the most profitable investment you could ever make for your footwear. You click on the ‘Check Price‘ Button below to find out the most affordable price on the Lucky women’s Basel Boot.

2.Clarks Women’s Taylor Shine Chelsea Boot

Best ankle boots for walking in Europe

Ankle boots are easy to wear and ideal for a casual daytime look or a more formal nighttime style. If you’re looking to find the perfect ankle booties that can be one of the top shoes for sidewalks, then you cannot go wrong with these shoes from Clarks Taylor Shine.

Available in two shades (black or brown), They are simple to slip onto, are made of premium leather. They also have an extraordinarily durable and well-grip sole that is perfect for the cobblestone roads of Europe. They’re also very comfortable and can be worn for a long time without harming your feet. 

If you’re looking for the best ankle boots for walking in Europe, take a look at Clarks Taylor Shine

3.Frye Women’s Ella Moto Lace Ankle Boot

Best ankle boots for walking in Europe

If you’re looking for a long-lasting and durable boot that can endure for many years, You can’t be without Frye. If you’re in search of the perfect boot for Europe’s cobblestones, you must check out Frye’s Frye Ella moto Lace boot.

This motorcycle-style lace-up boot has a stylish and versatile style that is ideal for exploring the streets of a European city. They are made with premium quality leather. They are highly durable and constructed to last for a few years. They’re simple to pull on by the zippered side. They are available in two colors the deep coppery brown and black.

If you’re searching for an elegant pair of boots in the middle of a European winter, you should consider Frye Ella Moto boots.

4.Naturalizer Women’s Cycle Boot

Best black ankle booties for work

One benefit of the Naturalizer black ankle boots is they continue to make the most beautiful ankle boots that women can wear for all ages. Amazing Right? So, If you’ve been reluctant to wear ankle boots when walking due to your age, Naturalizer can be the most suitable option for you. 

Naturalizer Women’s Cycle Boot can give you a fresh and appealing look from your everyday look. It is made from pure goatskin leather that offers an elegant appearance wherever your feet lead you. It is adorned with an elegant leather strap to give that classic bike boot impression. 

The boot’s opening is at a large 10.5 inches, and it is closed with a zipper on the inside for convenience and an elongated fitting. It has 1.25 inches of heel. I did feel it lifted me a bit higher but not enough to cause pain in my feet, particularly on my toes and heels.

5.Blondo Women’s Villa Waterproof Ankle Bootie

Best ankle boots for walking in Europe

The design is flexible and can be worn casually or dressed using any neutral shades offered. Many boots lovers mentioned the Blondo Villa Waterproof Booties as one of their most-loved travel footwear for rainy or cold weather while traveling and never had any issues with sore feet or slipping on wet cobblestones. These boots are not just amazing! They’re not just well-designed and comfortable, but are the best ankle boots for walking in Europe.

One user writes, “Loved these boots for my fall/winter trip to Italy – sometimes wore them while carrying my backpack (easier than trying to pack them in there). They also kept my feet warm and dry, and the leather adapted nicely to my foot shape”.

If you love to go on vacation and wander through the cities and explore places, rain or shine, they are the most popular option for waterproof shoes. They’re comfy and practical, but they’re also stylish.

6.UGG Stockton Combat Ankle Boot

Best ankle boots for walking in Europe

Bring some style to your European fashion by wearing the stylish UGG Stockton ankle boots. Pair them with your favorite Jeans with a skinny cut with boxesy sweaters on cold days, and pair them with a flowing floral dress once temperatures get warmer.

These shoes don’t just have alluring appearances; they’re efficient and practical, too. The waterproof leather keeps your feet dry on rainy walking days, and the sturdy rubber sole ensures you don’t need to worry about falling onto the cobblestones. 

7.Sam Edelman Women’s Petty Ankle Boot

Best ankle boots for walking in Europe

Talk about offering an assortment of boots that will appeal to all; Sam Edelman Women’s Petty Ankle Boot comes with the largest selection of colors in this collection. I’m not sure if you agree with me, but I went with the Burnt Amber type to reflect my fiery personality. 

Also available are Saddle Honey and Leather for those who want brown ankle boots. Also available are Black Suede, Black Vintage Calf Leather, Coffee, Black Brahma, and Black Slick Suede for those who like darker boots. The list continues, including Putty, Moss Green, Inky Navy, Slate Grey, Modern Ivory Snake, etc.

The upper part of the boot is 100% dyed calf fur to create the unique impression of exotic all over. The style is straightforward but always echoes a youthful appearance. From my standpoint, the pair of boots have proven well-constructed and have demonstrated simplicity and elegance. So if you’re searching for both of these, it could be the perfect option for you.

8.Sorel Women’s Emelie Chelsea Waterproof Boots

Best ankle boots for walking in Europe

The cult SOREL Emelie Chelsea shoe keeps your feet dry and warm wherever you go. TFG readers love this boot to wear in the snow and rain alike. Perfect for the early Spring season and later in autumn!

With a waterproof upper made of full-grain leather, the seam-sealed waterproof construction blocks dry elements out to provide a more dry and comfortable foot experience. Its removable EVA insole is exceptionally comfortable, and the top cover made of microfleece offers additional cushioning and comfort.

9.Clarks Women’s Spye Astro Boot

Best ankle boots for walking in Europe

It’s easy, durable, and practical and does not fall short in its overall style. If you’re looking for a pair of boots you can trust to get through your day or a pair of shoes that will take you to places and look great in the process, Clarks Women’s Spye Astro Boot might be the perfect fit for you. 

It’s easy to put on and also remove it thanks to the wide 10 inches opening. It also has one belt strap that can be adjusted and an inner zipper to ensure a snug and secure fit while still retaining the classic look of a boot. It comes with ortholite padded insoles to provide maximum comfort when you step up a bit, thanks to its one and a half inches of stacked heels.

10.Lauren Ralph Lauren Women’s Shira-Oily Nubuck

Best ankle boots for walking in Europe

Created from one of the top brands in the market, Ralph Lauren Women’s Shira Boot (tan ankle boots) ensures top-quality performance and comfort. It is constructed entirely of genuine leather that has a minimalist but robust upper design. It features a simple to traverse 1.25-inch heel and two side zippers that make it easy to wear out and in. 

The shoe also has pull-on loops for convenience. Whether you choose dark snuff oily or black oily nubuck, this shoe is an excellent choice to wear every day since it can easily be paired with virtually any style and color of outfit.


The Winter months across Europe run from December through February. Northern European nations are coldest compared to winters in eastern, western or southern Europe, where the weather is much warmer. The best way to enjoy winter during winter in Europe is to wear an outer layer that is warm and put on.
One of our best pieces of advice for winter traveling is that you don’t need to take a ton of clothing to stay warm. Instead, be focused on one piece: OUTERWEAR such as wool coats or parkas. Include long johns and thermals to keep warm and to take advantage of Europe in the winter.
Travelers who are planning the European winter getaway are likely to incorporate Christmas markets into their plans. To have a great outdoor experience, bring a warm and cozy outfit along with warm leggings, a wool coat, a warm hat, and boots.

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